I’m honoured that Copenhagen’s non-plus-ultra has published my Brevflodslette as a limited edition folded leaflet. Available for ordering today!

thrilled that San Diego, California’s poems-for-all press has just published 3 tiny chapbooks of my concrete poetry …

Thank you so much Scott Bryson for your review of Cabaret (above/ground press, 2020) in Broken Pencil Magazine. Cabaret remains available to order here

Gary Barwin has rendered a sample from Rhys Farrell & my Lens Flare using the “Depth map to two-sided plane” 3D process on Photoshop and has created a glitch-based digital structure. This blown-out digital rendering imagines the visual poems of Lens Flare as strange buildings – thank you so much Gary!


No Press is proud to announce the publication of:


by Frank Singleton

published in an edition of 50 copies (only 25 of which are for sale), each handsewn with yellow thread.

TYPEWORK features 8 examples of Frank Singleton’s beautiful abstract typewriter artworks, 7 of which are in full colour, 1 in B&W — and all of them delicate productions of typewritten geometrics.

Copies are available for $6 (including postage)

contact derek@housepress.ca to order

Rhys Farrell imagines a building in Graniti, Sicily ornamented with our work from LENS FLARE, recently published by Guillemot Press

I’m thrilled to announce the publication of

LENS FLARE, as co-written with Rhys Farrell.

Published by Guillemot Press, available for order for 10GBP

Lens Flare is a collaboration between Derek Beaulieu and Rhys Farrell, based on the visual poetry published in Beaulieu’s Aperture sequence. Beaulieu’s concrete poems engage with dead media (dry-transfer lettering) to create disintegrating logos and letterforms, a crumbling vocabulary of suggestion and memory, and Farrell amplifies these images by adding walls of dynamic colour, pop-coloured panels of dynamism that suggest urban murals, playful geometrics and a day-glo lettristic discotheque.

Order your copy today!

Joe Devlin discusses the importance of small publishing, including my own NO PRESS (thanks joe!)

read along as Dani Spinosa and I chat about her fabulous book OO: Typewriter Poems (and thank you Rob McLennan for publishing this “Intersponse 3”)

New from NO PRESS:


10.5″ x 8.25″, 20 pages, limited edition of 55 copies.

$10 (incl CDN postage)

This illustrated B&W manifesto/essay explores the limit cases of concrete poetry and the 21st-century plasticization of poetry situated within an overview of beaulieu’s current poetic practice. To order your copy, email derek@housepress.ca.