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Head over to YouTube and watch as my computer narrates a tale about a, A Novel, superimposed over the New York City skyline — in support of the Pez Espiral edition of an excerpt from the book

Studies in Canadian Modernism #1 (GO Transit, 1967)

“Studies in Canadian Modernism” are poetic photocopy manipulations of modernist Canadian trademarks & logos. These national logos (here the 1967 Gagnon/Valkus design for GO Transit) transform into pools of indeterminate meaning — suggestions of nationalistic familiarity troubled and set adrift on the oily patches of polluted waterways.

No Press is proud to announce the publication of 3 new editions!

“hole being” by Charlotte Jung

minimalist feminist visual poetry, printed in an edition of 50 handbound copies

$5 ea.

“Mono-Space-Poems” by Laura Kerr

visual poetry crafted with the smallest of signs, printed in an edition of 50 handbound copies

$5 ea.

“The Minute Review” Vol. 2 No. 1

a little magazine of poetry, prose, and reviews – Contributors this issue: Dani Spinosa | Philip Terry | Stuart Ross | Charles Bernstein | Vilde Bjerke Torset | Nick Montfort | Gary Barwin | Astra Papachristodoulou | Gregory Betts | Donato Mancini | Peter Jaeger | Marlene Oeffinger & Sarah Burgoyne | Madeleine Beaulieu | Eric Schmaltz | Nasser Hussain | Nancy Perloff. 16 pages, handsewn, printed in an edition of 75 copies.

$5 ea.

to order copies, please email

I’m thrilled to announce that Chile’s Pez Espirale has just published a 20-page excerpt of my a, A Novel in a beautiful hand-bound edition. Pez Espirale previously published my NO MÁS POESÍA (as translated by Carlos Soto Román) in a lush and thoughtful edition — and they have created this chapbook with similar thoughtfulness. Order your copy today!

i’m honoured to have contributed to 101 Words for Edwin Morgan: A Centenary Poster of 101 One Word Poems. 101 poets, artists, publishers, editors and researchers were invited to send a word or a one word poem for Edwin Morgan on the occasion of his centenary. This poster is published on what would have been his 101st birthday, 27 April 2021.

Listen in as Douglas Kearney, Tracie Morris and I chat with Al Filreis about bpNichol’s ‘Dada Lama’ & ‘A Small Song That Is His’ on episode 159 of Poem Talk

No press is proud to announce the publication of three new chapbooks:

NEGATIVE ZONE by Kevin Stebner

(full-colour typewriter concrete poetry, 20 pgs, limited edition of 50 sewn copies)


(B&W typewriter concrete poetry, 16 pgs, limited edition of 50 sewn copies)

FIRST CHAPTERS by Stefanie Posavec

(full-colour diagrammatic concrete poetry, 16 pgs, limited edition of 50 sewn copies)

Each edition is $7 – or all 3 for $20 – including postage. To order, please email

Rhys Farrell imagines excerpts from our collaborative book Lens Flare on the buildings of Japan —two in Tokyo and one in Nara. Picturing the pages of the book as monuments to typeforms and colour.

sal nunkachov leaves me a pixelated poster of stencilled graffiti awaiting a home …

Joe Devlin interviews me for his website Nuts and Bolts:

“limitations and constraints force a writer to solve problems that they wouldn’t have created otherwise, to build new pathways, new furrows in fields of their practice.”