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kern-derek-beaulieu-cover-front-featurePOETXT creatively engages with Kern (Les Figues, 2014)…

WRITING THE CITY AUG 24-28 at Alberta College of Art and Design: explore Calgary’s authors & locations through creative writing prompts, discussions and exercises; click here to register! (and there’s a discount for members of the CCWWP!)YYC%20Workshops_Writing%20the%20City

11391767_1459558514357918_8649991575873222971_nVery pleased to be teaching again at the Writers Guild of Alberta’s WORDSWORTH 2015 – a summer camp for literary teens … kamp kiwanis is an amazing place to be in July!

I was honoured to be the guest speaker at The Alberta College of Art + Design’s 2015 Convocation11221301_10153288031866346_3824064715146837533_n; click the photo to listen to the entire speech (as recorded by Kristen Beaulieu from the audience)…


This spring I am scheduled to teach an extended studies credit course at Alberta College of Art + Design:  ENGL217: Introduction to Narrative ENGL217 is dedicated to the exploration of the potential of found and crafted narrative – how narrative and story emerges from alternate media, is crafted by the the reader and how it can be a physical, graphic process-based activity. Students will create assignments in dialogue with Jonathan Ball’s Ex Machina, Jorge Luis Borges’ Labyrinths, Kate Briggs’ The Nabokov Paper, Sophie Calle’s The Address Book and Tom Phillip’s A Humument. The course is designed to push boundaries and explore the edges of the map and will include public-space work, discussions around the possibility of chose-your-own-adventures, digital text generation and embedded literature. extn_calendar_ss_15_Page_34 ENROLL TODAY!

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kern-derek-beaulieu-cover-front-feature“simultaneously charming and terrifying” the Cordite Review weighs in on KERN

kern-derek-beaulieu-cover-front-featureFrank Davey reviews KERN on the London Open Mic Poetry Night blog

Metro takes interest in my forthcoming residency at Calgary’s Lougheed House…


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