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Penteract Press has recently published a promotional poster for Aperture in a strictly limited edition (less than 20 copies for sale) …. to try and acquire your copy, contact the press directly

In 150 (for Andy) Arnold McBay takes the first 150 pages of a, A Novel, derek beaulieu's appropriation of the novel by Andy Warhol of the same name, and combined them into a single static-y haze of punctuation and sound effects – the true sound of New York City. 
A3 poster (297 x 420 mm), black & white digital print. Comes folded (twice) in an envelope with an option of receiving it unfolded, rolled up in a tube at additional cost.

WOW!: with BOTHBOTHBOTH Stuart Chalmers and see monsd respond to my visual poetry in a noisy explosion of voice and sound. A strictly limited edition Double CDr (5″ & 3″), only £6, order your copy today

Forty years ago, a beloved paperback series set the stage for today’s obsession with interactive entertainment“: Smithsonian Magazine takes an interest in Choose Your Adventure Books and briefly mentions my teaching:

Helvetica — new from Happy Monks Press!

Printed in an edition of 50; 5″ x 7″; #110 stock, matte finish.

contact the fine folks at to order your copy, they’ll go fast!


What will Derek Beaulieu, author/editor of over twenty collections of poetry, prose, and criticism, include in today’s #TPQ5?  

Order your copy of “Keep Speaking the Night” in honour of Rita Wong and Mountain protectors. Featuring a cover by Gary Barwin and I and contributions by a series of amazing authors, this edition is available for only $10. Please email Rob Budde at to order copies. Only 50 copies have been printed so order yours today.
On August 16th 2019 Rita Wong was arrested at the gates of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Burnaby Mountain work site, and she was given a 28 day sentence for peacefully expressing her beliefs. Rita is a well known poet, and she has been vocal on a number of environmental and social justice issues, so many of us wanted to lend her our voices to support her in return. Rob Budde has spearheaded this artistic project on behalf of Fight C PG and Sea to Sands. “Keep Speaking the Night” was produced to honour and support of Rita Wong who was sentenced 28 days in jail for standing up to industry and protecting water, land, and Indigenous rights. While Rita was released September 3rd, this limited edition chapbook will raise funds for Mountain Protectors, an organization Rita endorses now that her legal fines have been covered. Fifty chapbooks will be printed and sold at $10 each so that $500 can be donated altogether.

“jail the stories & the storytellers, but they will keep speaking the night, until empire expires”—Rita Wong

“give ‘er” – my essay on small press publishing, has just been issued as a PDF/print chapbook by Andreas Buhloff’s #sync2 press…

No press is thrilled to announce the publication of 2 new chapbooks:

“100 Throws” by CDN Warren

A beautifully minimalist suite of typewriter visual poems — published in an edition of 50 copies, handsewn binding.


“Otherworld” by Anthony Etherin

a tour-de-force collection of constraint based poems (palindromes, anagrams, aelindromes, triolets, beaux presents, tautograms, sonnets and more) each exploring myth, legend and fairy tale — published in an edition of 50 copies, handsewn binding.

each book is $5 (or both for $8) to order, please email

Westword Magazine has interviewed me in their latest issue … we discuss teaching, writing and my new position as Director of Literary Arts at Banff Centre