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Lougheed-House-Spring-Newsletter-2015_Page_3I’m proud to announce that I will be the first artist-in-residence in the 124-year history of Calgary’s Lougheed House.

Built in 1891 for James and Isabella Lougheed and their growing family, Lougheed House is now a National and Provincial Historic Site and Museum located on its original 2.8 acres in the Beltline of Calgary.


Calgary’s BeatRoute Magazine takes an interest in KERN: beatroute

I was commissioned by Calgary Arts Development to create a piece of text art in response to the 2015 Mayor’s Lunch for Arts Champions and to be unveiled to Calgary City Council as part of the Mayor’s Poetry Challenge. I have just completed the rubber-stamp folio “Every Word”…

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Calgary ArtsCommon’s Stephen Magazine has just published my reflections on being the first artist-in-residence in the Lightbox Studio. Pick up a free copy today!

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pRoses From Trans-Siberian to Trans-Canadian

Once updrytransferon a time, back before desktop computers were everywhere, dry-transfer lettering (Letraset) was in wide use by graphic designers, artists, advertisers, printing studios and more … it was sold in a variety of typefaces and symbols, sizes and colours.

Today, it has nowhere near the distribution or appeal that it once had.

Except it’s my media of choice.

As a visual artist, writer and as Calgary’s Poet Laureate, I use Letraset as an on-going part of my practice to create pieces ranging in size from smaller than a quarter to entire walls … and I’m quickly running out. Every piece I create results in one less letter or symbol that I can use for future work.

Perhaps you can help?

I’m seeking donations from the back-closets, unused drawers, storage rooms and tickle trunks out there — do you have any dry-transfer lettering that you no longer desire and would be happy to pass along to a good home?

If you do, please drop me a line at … or donations could be mailed to:

Derek Beaulieu, School of Critical & Creative Studies, Alberta College of Art & Design, 1407 14 Avenue Northwest, Calgary, AB T2N 4R3





A limited edition print by Heather Huston and I was just released as a fundraiser for Alberta Printmakers’ Society. Created in a strictly limited edition of 40 copies, this print is also a part of Nuit Blanche Calgary. Order today and support APS!huston

photoI’m proud to announce that I have been named the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts‘s Lightbox Studio’s inaugural Artist-in-Residence.

During my residency, which will take place from Aug 19 through Oct 24, I will be working on a series of text-art pieces and hosting a number of events.

My tenure as artist-in-residence coincides with Nuit Blanche Calgary (for which Heather Huston of Alberta Printmakers Society and I are creating a series of limited edition silkscreen prints), Alberta Culture Days (for which I will be speaking at the Calgary Public Library) and some other great events to be announced soon…

The residency space will feature excerpts from my book-length visual projects FlatlandLocal Colour and Prose of the Trans-Canada. There will also be a number of manual typewriters which the public are free to experiment upon. Through-out my residency I will be working on a number of projects and welcome conversation…

My thanks to Natasha Jensen and everyone at the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts for this great opportunity.PoetLaureateLogo_0

George Murray’s features my visual poem “Game of Life: A User’s Manual”:


UntitledNo Press is proud to announce the publication of

An excerpt from A Poem to Philip Glass by Barrie Tullett.

Published in a limited edition of 50 copies (only 25 of which are for sale), An excerpt from A Poem to Philip Glass is available for $2.50 including domestic postage (+ $1 non-Canadian postage). To order please email derek beaulieu.

Barrie Tullett is editor of Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology. He is Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design at the Lincoln School of Art and Design, and co-founder of The Caseroom Press, an independent publisher of artists’ books based in Lincoln and Edinburgh. 


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