helvertica“Helvetica”, my work created for the 2014 Textfestival in Bury (Greater Manchester), UK May 1-2, 2014. This piece, made by hand one letter at a time, was made directly on the walls of the Bury Art Gallery solely from examples of the typeface Helvetica…

The Canadian experimental poet derek beaulieu’s Helvetica is the most attention-seeking contribution to […] a churning typographical extravaganza, applied directly to the gallery wall from ageing sheets of Letraset type, now hard to find. beaulieu’s wall poem defiantly faces a Victorian painting from the museum collection of Dante daydreaming, by Sir Joseph Noel Paton. According to Trehy, ‘the Festival is not about poetry, it’s not a poetry festival’, and a recent collection of beaulieu’s work is called Please, No More Poetry

(David Briers, excerpted from Text Festival review, Art Monthly, issue no. 377)