Jonathan Ball at The Winnipeg Free Press has briefly reviewed Lens Flare in the latest issue:

Lens Flare, by Derek Beaulieu and Rhys Farrell (Guillemot, 56 pages, $18), takes the full text of Beaulieu’s 2019 book of visual poems, Aperture, and has Farrell manipulate and obscure them using strange landscape-like shapes exploding with bright colours.

The collaboration builds on what Aperture already did, which is mix the handmade artwork of Letraset with the digital manipulations of computer art. The resulting visual poems move even further away from the already fractured realm of the unsayable, so that each page becomes a strange and beautiful mishmash.

4 prints of my work – each produced in a limited edition of 25 copies – are now available for order thorough Society 6 … get ’em while they’re hot!

Proud to be donating 3,922 comics (dated over 8 decades, 1940s through 2010s) to University of Calgary’s special collections – to enable new scholars in comics & popular media

for excerpts from “Dendrochronology”, a series in progress …

Asmaa Magdy interviews me Periodicities, read “Why No More Poetry? An Interview with Derek Beaulieu”

Sachi Nag interviews me for the online magazine The Artisanal Writer

No Press is proud to announce the publication of


by Christian Bok

Produced in an edition of 50 handbound copies, AFTERTHOUGHTS IN THE VOID continues Bok’s exploration of the horrors of interstellar space. AFTERTHOUGHTS IN THE VOID documents the strange poetic realities of black holes and how reality is twisted and torqued around these massive phenomena.

Copies are $10ea (incl postage), please email to order

Christian Bok is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, known primarily for being the author of Eunoia (recipient of the Griffin Poetry Prize) He created artificial languages for two television shows: Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict and Peter Benchley’s Amazon. He is on the verge of finishing The Xenotext (which is part of the digital payload of the InSight lander, currently exploring the Elysium Planitia on the surface of Mars). The first poet to be interviewed by Nature magazine, The Utne Reader has identified Bok as one of ‘The 50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World.’ He lives in Melbourne.

Watch a kaleidoscope of twisting colour as Rhys Farrell transforms an image from LENS FLARE (our collaborative book published by Guillemot Press, 2021):

Watch as a single page from Lens Flare (co-written by Derek Beaulieu and Rhys Farrell; published by Guillemot Press, 2021) comes alive. Animated by Arnold McBay with music by Gary Barwin; this short animated film complements the book and brings the landscape to strange life. Lens Flare is available for purchase, and as a free PDF.

Thank you so very much Arnold and Gary for helping make this project a reality!

Artist and Salt Spring Island denizen Polly Orr recently painted her face in response to the collaborative colour of LENS FLARE By Rhys Farrell and I … thank you Polly for finding the book reflected on your face and in your eyes!