The first four pages of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, handwritten while reading & without looking at the artwork; a blind-contour rendering of Joyce’s book of the dark. 14″ x 17″, pencil on layout bond.

Thrilled to have spent the afternoon at Monica Kidd‘s letterpress studio. chatting, taking photos and experimenting in blind embossing and printing grey on white linen paper …

Was very excited to be part of the Making Treaty 7 Common Ground Dinner Series last night. Making Treaty 7 explores the historical significance of the events at Blackfoot Crossing in 1877, while investigating the consequences and implications of Treaty 7, 140 years later. Over a fabulous meal at the River Cafe  we discussed the artistic and cultural implication of Treaty 7 and how we perceive the land. This was the first of 3 dinners and set the foundations for some fabulous collaborations . . .



Leeds-Beckett University Faculty Kaja Marczewska and Simon Morris have just included my work in their exhibition Research Field Station, no. 1: Copying — a literary exhibition of copying as creative practice which also included examples by Robert Fitterman, Kenneth Goldsmith, Nick Thurston, Simon Morris and Alison Turnbull.

My TISH: ANOTHER “SENSE OF THINGS” has just been published as the 3rd in The Poetry Collection of the University Libraries, University at Buffalo, State University of New York’s “among the neighbors” series‬

17021523_10158307340160704_1290962129893448747_n like-a-dream-or-two_b1new from No PRESS:

Like A Dream or Two

by Dirk Krecker

Produced in a limited edition of 40 copies, 20 of which are for sale.


Like A Dream or Two is a suite of 5 full-colour typewritten abstracts, each a field of evocative static.

To order please email

beaulieu and leaf litter.jpgblack-walnut-grove-middle-row-n-feb-2017 black-walnut-grove-placard-in-middle-of-nut-bush-feb-2017 black-walnut-grove-placard-assassin-bug-feb-2017 black-walnut-grove-derek-beaulieu-feb-2017 black-walnut-grove-derek-beaulieu-feb-2017-3 black-walnut-grove-derek-beaulieu-2-feb-2017Last year Chris Turnbull placed several prints of one of my visual poems on placards in a black walnut grove in Kemptville, Ontario. Over the years the piece has weathered, and there’s only a single piece remaining in place. Turnbull is transitioning the placards to feature another artist – Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim – so these photos document the final moments for this piece…

I’m honoured that Arnold McBay has printed one of my visual poems on birch-bark and then delicately placed them within modified light-bulbs16939396_10154128524812096_258113736136642529_n 16836291_10154128524842096_1768795973027844098_o — part of his sculptural explorations of visual poetry …

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“A great introduction to what’s been happening in the city over the past few decades: …
Douglas Barbour reviews The Calgary Renaissance for his blog Eclectic Rukus