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Hide and See

by Teresa Carmody

Produced in a limited edition of 50 copies, 25 of which are for sale.


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order your copy of Max Elibacher’s ELECTRONIC TAPE MUSIC

(i was honoured to contribute the cover art to this cassette edition)

isostatisk landhöjning is a visual poem of staggering proportions. This swirling, dynamic composition made of Letraset debris measures 80 x 20 cm (31.5″ x 7.9″).

isostatisk landhöjning is the Swedish phrase for the post-glacial scraping and land-forming which results in the geography of northern countries (Canada and Sweden for example); this scraping results in inlets, small lakes and crenelated coastlines. This piece metaphorically scrapes the surface of writing, leaving behind the islands and coastlines of littered text; deposits left behind as meaning recedes.

Timglaset press is proud and pleased to publish isostatisk landhöjning by derek beaulieu as a leporello folded book in a handfolded, rubber stamped envelope. The poem itself has been screenprinted on Scandia 2000 170g paper by master screenprinter Michael Lönnström at (3)screen, Malmö.

order REPLY to derek beaulieu a collaboration between Petra Schulze-Wollgast and I (12€+postage)

COMING SOON from Timglaset editions: isostatisk landhöjning by Derek Beaulieu, 80x20cm, screen-printed by Michael Lönnström, master screen printer. Published as an accordion-fold edition…

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The Lilith Sonnets

by Anthony Etherin

Produced in a limited edition of 50 copies, 25 of which are for sale.


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I am embarking on a very special project — the assembling, preparation and introduction of a volume of bpnichol’s collected fiction. This collection — which has the approval of Nichol’s estate and a publisher confirmed — will bring together, in a single volume, all of bpNichol’s novels and short-stories.

Nichol’s novels — ANDY / FOR JESUS LUNATICK (Coach House, 1969), JOURNAL (Coach House, 1978), EXTREME POSITIONS (Longspoon, 1981), STILL (Pulp, 1983) — and his short story collections NIGHTS ON PROSE MOUNTAIN (grOnk, 1969) and CRAFT DINNER (Aya, 1978) — are all out of print & available only as rare and collectible editions.

This new volume would return all of his fiction to print, provide bibliographical information and a critical, readerly introduction to the volume; placing Nichol’s novels in context with with poetic, publishing and community work. It will be a valuable addition to discussions on contemporary fiction and experimental prose in Canada — and be a great add to the classroom.

My editing of The Collected Fiction of bpNichol is not supported by federal or provincial grants — all support comes from you — the readers and lovers of Nichol’s work.

Supporters at this level will receive a copy of the book when completed and published —  will be thanked in the printed edition’s “editor’s acknowledgements” — and will be provided with a yearly subscription to no press . . .

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Photographs of a new work in progress … this piece is 36″ (3ft) x 192″ (16ft), letraset on paper.    

a, A Novel has recently had a few small reviews – from Hamilton’s Gary Barwin, Darwin, Australia’s Christian Bök, and Germany’s Laurent Sauerwein . . .