Ally Fleming embroidered my visual poetry on her jean jacket – cool!

New from NO PRESS:

3 LIMWRECKS FOR _____ _________OVICH

by Stuart Ross

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New from NO PRESS!:

Un Coup de Des Jamais n’Abolira le Hasard (((Sun-O)))

by Sam Sampson

published in an edition of 60 handsewn copies, $8 (including postage).

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“My response takes the form (scaffolding) of measuring each Mallarmé line on the page and approximating the font size. Each of my bullet pointed lines is an approximation of his line and the spatial dimension of the page represents the flow of his work. As Mallarmé’s poem is a form of metaphysical gambling, his sentences reproduce the sensation of being both in and outside time, a type of prismatic subdivision, and I wanted to respond to this rhythm and arrangement of the poem by using the original text such that each of my pages reproduces collaged text from the exact same page of Mallarmé’s poem. The Gallimard manuscript is the source, but it also brings into context a voice, a conversation from 1962 onwards where Roger’s inscription (his name) leaves a mark in time. As with Mallarmé, I wanted the fungibility of time – the timeliness of a toss of the dice and the timelessness of chance. I wanted the poem to somehow capture, as Mallarmé had described it, ‘the invitation of the great white space’, and the successive, incessant, back-and-forth motions of our eyes travelling from one line to the next, and beginning all over again.” — Sam Sampson

the new issue of The Fiddlehead features cover art by Rhys Farrell and myself: a sneak preview from our forthcoming Guillemot Press edition. (photo courtesy Alice Burdick)

i’m honoured to be part of the editorial board for INSCRIPTION: : THE JOURNAL OF MATERIAL TEXT – THEORY, PRACTICE, HISTORY. Order your copy or download free PDFs of the entire issue…

Listen to Ezequiel Zaidenwerg’s podcast as he translates my manifesto “Please no more poetry”

Arnold McBay animates one of my concrete poems, throb throb throb

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