TOTAL RECALL 1 August — 3 October, 2015 


Moss St, Bury, Lancashire BL9 0DR, United Kingdom

How do you remember the people who are important to you? How do you conjure your shared past? Is it in an image, a sound, a smell, a touch? Or do you use words?

We invited world-leading poets and text-artists to make a language-memory for Tony Trehy, who has directed the internationally renowned Text Festival at Bury Art Museum since 2005. This exhibition celebrates a 10-year anniversary of the Festival and a 20-year anniversary of Tony’s time at Bury. Writing on a wall, an Internet search, a diary entry, a flurry of thoughts … what is remembering and who is it for?

Tony Trehy has been the ring-leader of decade-long conversations, new opportunities, challenges and heated debates. Each of his four Text Festivals has added to a continuing dialogue between language and art. Every Text Festival has asked the audience a simple-but-complex question: How do I read?

Into the historic space of Bury Art Museum, Trehy has injected text that is a new ‘language art’ for the 21st Century. Bury was once the centre of paper-making in Britain, now it is a pioneer of language-making, with its Text Archive welcoming readers from all over the world.

TOTAL RECALL is a guerrilla makeover, an A4 invasion of reading into the larger narrative of looking. Unlike the street signs outside, these are not corporate instructions or sales pitches; they are antidotes. Walls, vitrine, archival box—nary a “book” to be found, but a heap of language left in memory.

TOTAL RECALL includes work by local, national and international text-based artists and poets: angela rawlings, Alan Halsey, Barrie Tullett, Carolyn Thompson, Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim, Darren Marsh, derek beaulieu, Emma Cocker, Eric Zboya, Erica Baum, Jaap Blonk, James Davies, Jayne Dyer, Jesse Glass, Karri Kokko, Kristen Mueller, Lawrence Weiner, Leanne Bridgewater, Liz Collini, Lucy Harvest Clarke, Marco Giovenale, Márton Koppány, Matt Dalby, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Paula Claire, Penny Anderson, Peter Jaeger, Philip Davenport, Rachel Defay-Liautard, Robert Grenier, Ron Silliman, Satu Kaikkonen, Sarah Sanders, Seekers of Lice, Stephen Emmerson, Steve Giasson, Steve Miller, Tom Jenks, and Tony Lopez.

— derek beaulieu and Phil Davenport, Curators


I will be posting installation photographs in the coming weeks (and other exciting announcements), but here are a few excerpts from the exhibition:

a.rawlings - "Nutrition Facts"

a.rawlings – “Nutrition Facts”

Alan Halsey - "Notation" #1

Alan Halsey – “Notation” #1

Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim - excerpt from "The Great Treatise"

Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim – excerpt from “The Great Treatise”

Eric Zboya - "Barney 'A Portrait'"

Eric Zboya – “Barney ‘A Portrait'”

Jaap Blonk - "Wind for Tony"

Jaap Blonk – “Wind for Tony”

Steve Emmerson - "Paul Written"

Steve Emmerson – “Paul Written”

Erica Baum "Total Recall" #1

Erica Baum “Total Recall” #1

Barrie Tullett - "Our Memories are Constructed" #2

Barrie Tullett – “Our Memories are Constructed” #2

Saturday July 25th at 3:00pm at The Whitechapel Gallery (London):

The New Concrete is a major new anthology charting the explosion of visual poetry in the 21st century.  Having just been released by Hayward Publishing, the launch of this book promises to be a landmark event in visual poetry.

Join us for an afternoon of film and live performance showcasing some of the most exciting work in this field. The event brings together some of the most celebrated poets and artists working at the intersection of visual art and literature.

Building on the celebrated concrete movement of the 1950s and 1960s, the event reveals how this legacy has been refreshed through digital text and image manipulation, modern print techniques and the rise of self-publishing.

With film screenings by Simon Barraclough, Victoria Bean, Caroline Bergvall, Derek Beaulieu, David Bellingham, Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim, Augusto de Campos, Francesca Capone, Antonio Claudio Carvalho, Kenneth Goldsmith, Sophie Herxheimer, Liliane Lijn, nick-e melville, Rick Myers, W. Mark Sutherland, André Vallias and Nico Vassilakis.

The event features live performances from: Simon Barraclough, Victoria Bean, Derek Beaulieu, David Bellingham, Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim, Paula Claire, S.J. Fowler, Daniel Lehan, Henningham Family Press, Sophie Herxheimer, Sarah Kelly, Liliane Lijn, Tony Lopez, Chris McCabe, Barrie Tullet and audio from Tom Comitta. You will also be able to purchase a copy of The New Concrete at the event.

Curated by Victoria Bean and Chris McCabe

On July 23rd, I’ll be reading at Jeff Hilson’s XING THE LINE Reading Series at The Apple Tree in Clerkenwell (45 Mount Pleasant, WC1X 0AE London). I’ll be sharing the bill with Sarah Crewe, Luna Montenegro and Adrian Fisher (Facebook event page) … thanks to Jeff for organizing this great event!

I’m pleased as punch to share the news of a beautiful edition of an excerpt from FLATLAND as published by JS Makkos: a hand-crafted edition of #1-20 of Derek Beaulieu’s visual translation of Edwin Abbott Abbott’s Flatland. For all you paper fetishists out there, this is how the colophon reads: “the covers were hand printed on a 19th century 9”x13” Kelsey Excelsior letterpress on vintage Strathmore laid paper, while the front and end sheets are salvaged ecru felt-finish stock, and the interior pages were pigment printed on 50% cotton Stenocraft English Bond and hand-stitched in a limited edition of ~40.” Due credit goes to Jessica Smith for brokering the project, Gideon Finck for aiding with the design, and Rachel Howard for assisting with production.”11027450_1015587408465154_2920604290306164790_n 11695728_1015587541798474_3403228082866413555_n 11013367_1015587571798471_7629452290755031101_n 11695971_1015587551798473_7792088429721055568_n 11705181_1015589025131659_5900559346225846292_n 11705201_1015587428465152_6959070539971440741_n 11709575_1015587395131822_6689781527903824352_n 11732001_1015587538465141_7681002545985866015_o 11743000_1015587568465138_7836268777080980972_n

FullSizeRenderSince 1997, No press (and its predecessor housepress) has published 550 different editions. In celebration, I am proud to announce the publication of


by Christian Bök

Published in a limited edition of 30 copies (15 of which are Hors De Commerce and not for sale), THE VIRELAY OF THE AMINO ACIDS is available for $15.00 including domestic postage (+$5 for US and international orders). To order please email derek beaulieu.

THE VIRELAY OF THE AMINO ACIDS  is excepted by Bök’s forthcoming The Xenotext (Book 1), forthcoming from Coach House Books. 44 pages, hand-bound.

A longtime freind of the the press, Bök has had 4 publications from the 2 presses: String Variables (housepress / CrO2, 2000), NOYTA CCCP (housepress, 2002), Bazaar of the Bizarre (No press, 2006) and Two Dots over a Vowel (No press, 2008) and has contributed to a number of small press anthologies and magazines. Those editions are long out of print; THE VIRELAY OF THE AMINO ACIDS testifies to No press’s ongoing investment in Bök’s risk-taking writing.

550 editions – leaflets, pamphlets, chapbooks, poetic ephemera, perfect-bound editions – over 18 years. And no plans to stop. no2

kern-derek-beaulieu-cover-front-featuredecomP Magazine takes an interest in KERN (Les Figues, 2014)…

kern-derek-beaulieu-cover-front-featurePOETXT creatively engages with Kern (Les Figues, 2014)…

WRITING THE CITY AUG 24-28 at Alberta College of Art and Design: explore Calgary’s authors & locations through creative writing prompts, discussions and exercises; click here to register! (and there’s a discount for members of the CCWWP!)YYC%20Workshops_Writing%20the%20City

11391767_1459558514357918_8649991575873222971_nVery pleased to be teaching again at the Writers Guild of Alberta’s WORDSWORTH 2015 – a summer camp for literary teens … kamp kiwanis is an amazing place to be in July!

The University of Calgary’s Faculty of Arts has just published a special Alumni Connections magazine. I’m thrilled to appear on the cover and have a 2-page article inside…cover  u magazine 1u magazine 2


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