1-15-2016 - WHERE NEXT- Poster FINAL SHIMG_1940 IMG_1939 CbIB-dxWwAA1Hnq CbITx88WIAEj__s CbIZUesUcAABR4H CbC31Q2WAAA-pBU CbCoM4QWcAAaNBb CbDOieqWIAAljpw CbDRI0vUsAAqL3M CbCFwjkW8AAiHaM CbDUOydW4AACVDu CbH4LieW8AAuMlO CbDYVmcXEAACZsE CbCG-WoVIAEITDX CbDrylFWcAAtS2d CbCKxUSWAAQRYBK CbHMEViW4AAmkxt IMG_1938 IMG_1932 IMG_1931 IMG_1930 IMG_1929 IMG_1928 IMG_1927The WHERE NEXT: CREATIVE WRITING, NARRATIVE, FILM AND CONTEMPORARY ART symposium over the last few days was a fabulous, generous and generative event – it was great to see so many colleagues, students and members of the international community there!

The symposium featured keynote presentations by Concordia University Director of the Initiative for Indigenous Futures Jason Edward Lewis, Portland-based indisciplinary artist Francesca Capone, and Toronto-based author and poet Liz Worth, a performance by recent BMO 1st Student Art Invitational winner Tamara Cardinal (Himmelspach), and talks by Christian Bök, Victoria Braun, Cheryl Foggo, Sarah Grodecki, Wendy Hill-Tout, Joe Hospodarec, Heather Huston, Silas Kaufman, Larissa Lai, Natalie Lauchlan, Alex Link, Naoko Masuda, Ashok Mathur, Jen Miziuk, Natali Rodrigues, Riley Rossmo, Devyani Saltzman, Nick Sousanis, and Andrew Wreggitt and Elders Darryl and Linda Brass.

It takes a community to create an event like WHERE NEXT — and I’d like to extend my deepest thanks to

ACAD’s Daniel Doz (and the Office of the President); Marianne Elder (and the Office of the Associate Vice-President of Student Affairs); Alison Miyauchi (and the Office of the Associate Vice-President of Research and Academic Affairs); Marc Scholes (and the Office of the Associate Vice-President of Instructional Affairs); Jo-Anne Clarke (and the School of Continuing Education and Professional Development);

Katie Potapoff, René Martin, JoAnn Reynolds, Steven Hodges, Myra Miller, Laura Vickerson; Natasha Peshak and the ACAD Board of Governors; ACADSA, and the the amazing ACAD Technical support team;

Beatroute, Wordfest, Chartwells and Calgary Arts Development;

the Where Next volunteer team: Daniela Amieva, Alexia Mitchell, Alicia McKenzie, Carly Munro, Ian Nicholas, Polly Orr, V’sheal Lyons, Judith Aldama, Courtney McFadden and Mark Giles;

Stephanie Dewar for all of her incredible energy;

and Michael O’Neill for all the patience and for stepping-up at the last minute.IMG_1921 IMG_1920 IMG_1919 IMG_1918 IMG_1916



My work for London’s Roehampton University marks the first time a Canadian poet has been commissioned for beaulieu plaque 002 beaulieu plaque 004a public monument in the UK.

Today, letters will be sent to Mayors across Canada from Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi issuing the challenge: to have a local poet read a poem at the start of a Council meeting in March or April. The aim is to raise awareness and to celebrate poetry, writing, small presses and the contribution of poets and all writers to the rich cultural life in our country.

Taking the torch from Regina Mayor Michael Fougere, last year Mayor Nenshi challenged mayors across Canada to participate in the annual Mayor’s Poetry City Challenge. With over seventy participating communities, the 2015 challenge was the largest yet.

“The creative industries in Canada are an important part of what makes our country a great place to live,” said Mayor Nenshi. “I’m looking forward to once again challenging other Canadian cities to use their Council Chambers as a platform to encourage, uplift and promote the art of poetry.”

The challenge recognizes both UNESCO’s World Poetry Day on Mar. 21 as well as National Poetry Month, which is celebrated in Canada and the United States during the month of April.

Initiated by Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco in 2012, the Mayor’s Poetry City Challenge has been taken up in communities large and small across the country, from Whitehorse and Dawson City to Victoria and St. John’s.

The Mayor’s Poetry City Challenge is a collaboration between the League of Canadian Poets, the Writers’ Guild of Alberta and The City of Calgary.

To follow this year’s Mayor’s Poetry City Challenge, visit poets.ca/poetrycity, like the League of Canadian Poets on Facebook, or follow @CanadianPoets on Twitter or Instagram.


As Calgary’s Poet Laureate, I invite musicians and performers to create digital sound performances (song, composition, collage, digital, etc) of my #erasingwarhol project.

Posted on twitter at @erasingwarhol are the ongoing manuscript pages of my efforts to erase all the words from Andy Warhol’s 1968 A: a novel, leaving only the fields of punctuation and the sound-effect words. Metro News Calgary discusses the project here.

I invite you to create a sonic interpretation of any piece in that twitter feed, save it online and tweet out your results with the hashtag #erasingwarhol. This is a community-based generative project and every-one is welcome, let’s see where your creativity takes you!




Calgary Metro has taken an interest in my Erasing Warhol manuscript, which is documented over on twitter at @erasingwarhol …

a page 39

Press Release Where Next Symposium Feb 12-13

Arianne Jones is racing for Canada as part of the Canadian National Luge Team in Latvia (and moving on to Germany shortly) … she was kind enough to post some photos of the helmet i designed for her in support of Helmets for Heroes.

helm latvia helm latvia 2

InspirationIsAMyth_Banner[dee-kuhn-struhkt] magazine’s Christopher Berg and i ask each other questions about writing and teaching

Feb 12-13 at Alberta College of Art + Design​: WHERE NEXT?: Creative Writing, Narrative, Film + Contemporary Art: 1-15-2016 - WHERE NEXT- Poster FINAL SH


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