Bonne Maman® Bonne Maman Bonne Maman Bonne Maman® Confiture de Framboises Raspberry Jam Produit de France U 250ml Product of France MA/BB : 2022/SE/06 E250 21 :17 LO NON GMO Project VERIFIED PROJET SANS OGM VERIFIE C. Framboise INGRÉDIENTS: FRAMBOISES, SUCRE, SUCRE DORÉ, JUS DE CITRON CONCENTRÉ, PECTINE, RÉFRIGÉRER APRÈS OUVERTURE. INGREDIENTS: RASPBERRIES, SUGAR, GOLDEN SUGAR, CONCENTRATED LEMON JUICE, PECTIN, REFRIDGERATE AFTER OPENING. 0 8870201640 6 Valeur nutritive Nutrition Facts pour 1 cuil à soupe (15 mL) Per 1 tbsp (15 mL) Calories 50 Source négligeable d’autres éléments nutritifs. Teneur Amount % valeur quotidienne % Daily Value Liptides / Fat 0 g 0% Glucides / Carbohydrates 13 g 4% Sucres / Sugars 12 9 Protéines / Protein 0,1 g Not a significant source of other nutrients. BONNE MAMAN – 46130 BIARS-France 42 6201 BA2 20 329

sal nunkachov leaves me a pixelated poster of stencilled graffiti awaiting a home …

Joe Devlin interviews me for his website Nuts and Bolts:

“limitations and constraints force a writer to solve problems that they wouldn’t have created otherwise, to build new pathways, new furrows in fields of their practice.”

Very excited for the next issue of Quill & Quire and the profile of Lens Flare (by Rhys Farrell and I) as written by Dani Spinosa — thanks so much!

Mark Leahy just posted a dynamic photograph of a excerpt from Lens Flare; i’m honoured. More about Lens Flare here

an exciting announcement from Portugal’s Paper View Books;

“glad to announce to you the new collection of visual endeavours, the ODD pages collection will publish some treats for you. premiering this collection we have derek beaulieu with catalogue saisoné, an amalgamation of leaves, leaflets, chapbooks and more.”

1 original letraset concrete poem and four photocopy manipulated, chance-based responses (2021)

I’m honoured that Copenhagen’s non-plus-ultra has published my Brevflodslette as a limited edition folded leaflet. Available for ordering today!

thrilled that San Diego, California’s poems-for-all press has just published 3 tiny chapbooks of my concrete poetry …

Thank you so much Scott Bryson for your review of Cabaret (above/ground press, 2020) in Broken Pencil Magazine. Cabaret remains available to order here