I’m honoured to have received a Gracious Gratitude Award from the ACAD Students’ Association … GGA.jpg

new from Santiago, Chile’s Libros Del Pez Espiral, and translated by Carlos Soto Román), Por Favor, No Más Poesía1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg

KONZEPTUELLE ARBEITEN, a volume of my selected visual-conceptual work, newly published by Switzerland’s edition taberna kritika

Derek Beaulieu ist einer der aktivsten Repräsentanten der internationalen, konzeptuellen Literatur. Dieser Band zeigt eine Auswahl seiner bekanntesten Arbeiten.

Mai 2017, 118 S., 19 x 12 cm, Broschur
ISBN: 978-3-905846-45-4, €16 / 20 SFr
Mit zahlreichen farbigen Abb.

Avril Lopez and I, alongside a team of volunteers, created a mural for the Social Sciences Tower stairwell — which will now be a permanent part of the University of Calgary — in celebration of the restoration of the “Leon the Frog” poem. The piece incorporates a poem from frogments from the frag pool: haiku after basho (by Gary Barwin and I) …

more on the mural and the restoration of “Leon”:

Fifty-year-old Leon the Frog is back at University of Calgary” (Calgary Herald)

Leon the Frog poem restored at the University of Calgary” (CTV News)

Leon the Frog is back at University of Calgary” (Calgary Sun)

Rebirth of Leon the Frog” (University of Calgary UToday)

Decades-old “Leon the Frog” poem restored at the University of Calgary” (The Gauntlet)

As part of the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Arts’ restoration of the “Leon the Frog” poem, I collaborated with MFA candidate Avril Lopez  and a team of volunteers on the creation of a mural on the first floor of the Social Sciences stairwell. Here are some in-process photos …

download a PDF of my 5 prints; an envelope of 5 linoblock concrete poetry prints, created in 2000 in a limited edition of 8 copies. (thanks to damian lopes for providing the images)

Was very excited to be part of the Making Treaty 7 Common Ground Dinner Series last night. Making Treaty 7 explores the historical significance of the events at Blackfoot Crossing in 1877, while investigating the consequences and implications of Treaty 7, 140 years later. Over a fabulous meal at the Deane House  we discussed the artistic and cultural implication of Treaty 7 and how we perceive the land. This was the second of 3 dinners and continued the fabulous collaborations . . .

Once updrytransferon a time, back before desktop computers were everywhere, dry-transfer lettering (Letraset) was in wide use by graphic designers, artists, advertisers, printing studios and more … it was sold in a variety of typefaces and symbols, sizes and colours. Once ubiquitous in business and graphic design environments, Letraset has now become a cultural artefact; it has nowhere near the distribution or appeal that it once had.

Except it’s my media of choice.

As a visual artist, teacher and writer,  I use Letraset as an on-going part of my teaching and artistic practice to create pieces ranging in size from smaller than a dime to entire walls … and I’m quickly running out. Every piece I create results in a diminishing palette from which I can create.

Perhaps you can help?

I’m seeking donations from the back-closets, unused drawers, storage rooms and warehouses out there — do you have any dry-transfer lettering that you no longer desire and would be happy to pass along to a good home?

If you do, please drop me a line at derek@housepress.ca … or donations could be mailed to:

Derek Beaulieu, School of Critical & Creative Studies, Alberta College of Art & Design, 1407 14 Avenue Northwest, Calgary, AB T2N 4R3

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The story of Leon the Frog written on the stairs of the Social Sciences building at the University of Calgary
Photos: by Riley Brandt
Copyright: University of Calgary 2013

In The Calgary Herald:

Since the 1970s, students, faculty and visitors climbing the stairs of the University of Calgary’s Social Sciences tower were able to gaze into the life of Leon the Frog through a gripping poem depicted on 13 flights of stairs, with each step containing its own line. But on Friday, Leon’s story vanished. After nearly 50 years, the beloved poem was mistakenly painted over as part of a movement to remove graffiti around the University of Calgary campus. It didn’t take long for Ian Kinney, University of Calgary alumnus, to step forward and decide Leon the Frog needed to be brought back home. “This poem is part of what it means to go up the stairs here,” said Kinney. “It was part of the history of the Social Sciences building.”

I will be celebrating Leon, and Ian Kinney’s restoration of the poem, with the creation of a mural with Avril Lopez (MFA candidate, University of Calgary Fine Arts) on the first floor of the Social Sciences stairwell.

More media on “Leon The Frog”‘s restoration:

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University of Calgary to restore historic graffiti poem after painting fiasco” [The Calgary Herald]

Step by step, iconic ‘Leon the Frog’ stairwell poem at U of C to be restored” [CBC News]

University accidentally destroys 50-year-old graffiti poem — but volunteers quickly move to re-paint it” [National Post]

Leon the Frog to rise again” [University of Calgary Faculty of Arts]

U of C to rewrite “Leon the Frog” to incorporate Energizing Eyes High plan” [The Gauntlet – spoof article]

The original text of the “Leon the Frog” poem [The Gauntlet]

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 8.16.30 AM.png

Help yourself to 19 new PDFs of early chapbooks and small press ephemera to the PDF page, including downloadable files for:


after basho. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [leaflet]

Basho’s Thot Process. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [leaflet]

basho’s pond. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [leaflet]

blackandwhite (for p.banting). Calgary: housepress, 1998. [leaflet]

fEEl. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [postcard]

congradgraduaLtionstions. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [leaflet]

a christmas star. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [leaflet]

a small love poem. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [chapbook]

read. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [leaflet]

“Xian.   Calgary: housepress, 1998. [chapbook]

joint/lateral forces. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [chapbook]

Haiku I. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [broadside]

Keyboard Po(e/li)tics. Calgary / Brampton: housepress / poetic immolation Press, 1998. (with Neil Hennessy) [chapbook series]

ripples. Calgary: housepress, 1999. [leaflet]

keyboard poetics. Calgary: housepress, 1999. [leaflet]

the city on prairie writing. Calgary: housepress, 1999. [leaflet]

2 birthday poems. Calgary: housepress, 1999. [leaflet]

Blame. Calgary: housepress, 2000. [leaflet]

DPI: a fractal. Calgary: housepress, 2000. [chapbook]