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aeiou by Franco Cortese

Produced in a limited edition of 50 copies, 20 of which are for sale.


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from the author’s afterword: “aeiou is an attempt to venture as close as possible to the lipogrammatic limits of language. Each of the poems in this small chapbook comprise a multilingual lipogram composed exclusively of the collected one-letter words of each of the five vowels in the English language, borrowed from a wide variety of languages and strung together according to the structures of English grammar. As such, these poems are also an attempt to embody the limit case of lipograms, in the sense that they each eschew the use of all letters save one. Each lipogrammatic poem is followed by its cognate English translation. The majority of these poems are necessarily multilingual, with the exceptions of “è” and “-i”, which are composed of the Romanized “pinyin” and “rōmaji” transcriptions of Chinese and Japanese logograms, respectively.”


This winter I had the opportunity to spend a week guest teaching students at the  School of Art, Architecture and Design at Leeds Beckett University. With students Christopher Allen-Geraghty, Rosie Blyth, Lauren Brown, Isaac Goode, Ben Newbould, Athanasios Raptis, Jaydon Rowbottom, Thomas Small, Harvey Steele and Imogen Wood (with great thanks to Simon Morris and Jo Hammil; and Christian Bok for contributing a inspiring text for the graduates   ) we created a series of visual images which are now being used to promote the graduate exhibit … welcome to BEAUTIFUL THINKING!


Whether attempting to stem boredom during a long trip or experiencing the excitement of exploring historical time periods or far-away places, the pre-digital toy View-Master served as a transport to another place. Like writing, it was a way of seeing. Along the way, it provided delight and entertainment.

Kursiv #1-7 exhaustively uses every letter from a single sheet of dry-transfer lettering to create a suite of fragile typographic snowflakes. Each image, suspended within glassine film as part of a View Master slide, suggests a logo for an impossible business – or an alien script – caught between one dead media and another.

My discussion of bpNichol’s Love: a book of remembrances, now up at Versopolis


i’m proud as punch to announce NIGHTS ON PROSE MOUNTAIN: THE FICTION OF BPNICHOL (edited and with an introduction by yours truly) , forthcoming this Fall from Coach House Books … order your copy today!

I am truly honoured to have received two “Gracious Gratitude Awards” from the Alberta College of Art + Design Student Association (ACADSA). These are my eighth  and ninth teaching awards in the last six years; my students make teaching such an amazing pleasure. Thank you.

new from NO PRESS:

SQUARES (after malevich)

by Eryk Wenziak

A handsewn chapbook consisting of 7 typewritten grids, exploring space and pattern. . . Produced in a limited edition of 50 copies, 25 of which are for sale.


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a, A Novel (Paris: Jean Boite Editions, 2017) is now available as a free downloadable PDF courtesy of monoskop … and remains available for purchase direct from the press.

EDITION ANNOUNCEMENT: in association with Friday’s Asemanticasymmetry book launch (as part of the Anstruther Press Spring 2018 Launch at K F B​), Mark Laliberte will be debuting two extremely limited edition prints (16″ x 20″ / 2-colour silkscreen / signed and numbered, each in an edition of 20 of which only 15 will be publicly available) — prints are $40 each and are based on the collaborations that mark and I created for the book … (Message Mark if you can’t make the launch and want to reserve a print; he’d prefer not to ship these, but if you are local, perhaps you can certainly arrange a pickup)…