Terri Trembath of CBC Television Calgary visited my Alberta College of Art + Design ENGL214 class to discuss typewriters and creative writing.

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2I was recently invited to participate in a photo-shoot for Calgary Arts Development’s Living a Creative Life: An Arts Development Strategy for Calgary (photograph courtesy Jason Stang)

SAIT’s student newspaper The Weal takes an interest in my teaching at ACAD…

Typewriters challenge students’ way of thinking

Computers, tablets and phones, have caused some people to write automatically and unthinkingly because of the convenient use of autocorrect, backspace and spellcheck. But ACAD instructor Derek Beaulieu is determined to make his English 214 Creative Writing class stop and think about the actual mechanics of writing by requiring them to use typewriters.

1901896_10203522945260191_31171523_n1601373_10203522959500547_201848936_n 1964888_10203522957940508_1143244915_nscrawl-a-thon1 scawl-a-thon2scawl-a-thon 3In support of WORDSWORTH 2014 SUMMER LITERARY CAMP I recently completed a Concrete poem on the windows of Calgary’s LOFT 112.

Written over 6 hours, this untitled piece was constructed organically, without a plan.

Responsive to the shapes of letters, and movement outside the window, this poem will remain permanently on the window of LOFT 112 as a reminder of the fundraising efforts.

This afternoon, LOFT112 hosted Typing Pool #2 – a chance for members of Calgary’s literary community to try their hand on a series of typewriters; clanging keys and sliding carriages. This initiative is linked to my ENGL214 course at Alberta College of Art + Design…4photo[1]photo321


CBC-Pizza-1974_hr_enCBC Eyeopener: ACAD professor Derek Beaulieu explains why he’s making his students write their assignments on old-fashioned typewriters

AcadianYellowFor news and updates on my teaching at Alberta College of Art + Design, check out www.creativetypewriting.wordpress.com


9251749On SUNDAY MARCH 9 from 1:00-3:00pm, join LOFT 112 for an afternoon of typing and exploration!

As part of derek beaulieu’s ENGL214 class at ACAD, he has gathered antique typewriters from all over the city. Students have been exploring the poetic possibilities of outdated technology in poetry and prose, text art and assignments.

On MARCH 9th, a number of those strange old devices will be available for you to use!

By using dead technology we are in fact learning how we interface with the tools we have now. Step back from your dependance on technology and revel int he tactile experience of typing. The sounds, the smells and the poetic possibilities of recharging your writing by returning to the fun of ink on paper.

6-8 typewriters (manual and electric) in working order will be set up at LOFT 112 for writers to use from 1-3pm.

Click here for more information on derek beaulieu’s ENGL214 class and how he is using typewriters in the classroom.

LOFT 112 is located at #112, 535 8 Ave SE Calgary, Alberta… see you there!


Final emblem catalogue image Final emblem catalogue image spineShandy Hall has just released the sumptuous catalogue for their 2011 exhibition “The Emblem of my Work” designed to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Sterne’s marbled page, which Sterne described as ‘the motly emblem of my work’, 169 artists and writers were invited to design the Emblem of their own work.

Finally, this box of delights has been concocted where the identity of each Emblem-maker can be discovered in the booklet provided.  The catalogue is limited to 225 copies of which only 55 are available (170 copies are reserved for the participating artists and writers).
If you would like to reserve a copy, please contact the Curator at Shandy Hall.
The catalogue has been produced for the Laurence Sterne Trust by Colin Sackett.
Each contains an original, miniature marbled page by Payhembury Marbled Papers.

I’m proud to be included in this catalogue alongside such luminary colleagues as Tom Phillips, John Baldessari, Jen Bervin, Christian Bok, Helen Hajnoczky, Eric Zboya, Lemony Snicket and Eugen Gomringer…

13No Press is proud to announce the publication of

Top Secret Calligraphy by Ken Hunt

Published in a hand-bound edition of 50 copies (only 25 of which are for sale), Documentary Poetry is available for $5 including domestic postage (+ $2 non-Canadian postage). To order please email derek beaulieu.

These asemic, visual poems invent a form of calligraphy out of the strike-throughs used to cross out the word “CONFIDENTIAL” from the pages of NASA’s voice transcription document of the Apollo 11 moon mission. This calligraphy exemplifies the creation of a new text through the re-censorship of a declassified transcript.

The author becomes the new censor of the text, obliterating all trace of the word that the strike-throughs attempt to obscure and negate. This erasure frees the strike-throughs from their original context, and accentuates their abstract forms. The lines become a lost language, ushering explorers of textual space through the vacuum of meaning.

Ken Hunt’s work appears in Sphere Literary Magazine: International Journal of Student Writing; in The Gauntlet, the University of Calgary’s student newspaper; and in various chapbooks. For three years, Ken served as editor of NōD Magazine, the University of Calgary English department’s publication of undergraduate prose, poetry, and visual art. In 2010, Ken co-founded The Scribe and Muse, a University of Calgary club that promotes writing and literacy, offering a free peer-editing service to students across all faculties. Ken lives in Calgary.


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