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CBC-Pizza-1974_hr_enOn April 13th the CBC’s “The World This Weekend”did a short feature on my Alberta College of Art + Design ENGL214 (creative writing) class for national broadcast. You can listen to the 3:45 long piece here or click over to the CBC page for the entire program


IMG_0744IMG_0758IMG_0772 IMG_0745IMG_0760     IMG_0751   IMG_0761 IMG_0755 IMG_0757  IMG_0759IMG_0767IMG_0779IMG_0781IMG_0773IMG_0752IMG_0747   IMG_0762IMG_0754 IMG_0763 IMG_0766  Photographs from “CORPUS 38”, the final exhibition of ENGL310: Visual Narrative at ACAD, Winter 2014 — artwork and performances by students featuring their creative interaction with visual narrative. Over the last few months we have studied avant-garde graphic novels, indecipherable encyclopedias, radical film, imaginary, unfolding narratives and more. A privilege to work with these creative and challenging gang!      IMG_0777 IMG_0778   IMG_0782IMG_0776



Photographs from “My Favourite Ones are the Mad Ones”, the final exhibition of ENGL214: Creative Writing at ACAD, Winter 2014 — artwork and performances by students featuring their creative interaction with typewriters. Amazing students, an incredible honour to work with them all semester.IMG_0738IMG_0727IMG_0722IMG_0660IMG_0721IMG_0668IMG_0712IMG_0670IMG_0661IMG_0691IMG_0689IMG_0687IMG_0683IMG_0682IMG_0680IMG_0701IMG_0679IMG_0677IMG_0676IMG_0675IMG_0673IMG_0671IMG_0669IMG_0667IMG_0666IMG_0663IMG_0662IMG_0659 (More photos on Facebook)IMG_0659

posterMy Favourite Ones are the Mad Ones is an exhibition put on by Derek Beaulleu’s Alberta College of Art + Design ENGL214 Creative Writing class. This class has challenged the student’s methods of writings by introducing a typewriter to their assemble of writing and art making tools. The final products of this class will be displayed in ACAD room 395, as a visual arts show on April 10th, 2014 from 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM.

ground rules COVER try2you are invited to the Calgary launch of Ground Rules: above/ground press: the best of the second decade, 2003-2013

with readings by three Calgary contributors:

derek beaulieu
Natalie Simpson
+ Julia Williams

Edited by rob mclennan, with an introduction by Gil McElroy, Ground Rules features writing from the second decade of one of the most active micro publishers in Canada, selected from a series of hundreds of publications lovingly edited, produced and distributed by editor/publisher rob mclennan. A follow-up to Groundswell: best of above/ground press, 1993-2003 (Broken Jaw Press, 2003), Ground Rules includes a wide range of work by Artie Gold, Mark Cochrane, Suzanne Zelazo, derek beaulieu, Stephanie Bolster, Amanda Earl, Nathanaël, Lisa Samuels, Rachel Zolf, Sharon Harris, D. G. Jones, Julia Williams, Eric Folsom, Gregory Betts, Natalie Simpson, Aaron Tucker, Monty Reid, William Hawkins, Emily Carr, Cameron Anstee, Helen Hajnoczky, Marilyn Irwin, Stephen Brockwell, Robert Kroetsch and rob mclennan.

lovingly hosted by Chaudiere Books editor/publisher rob mclennan
7:30pm, Thursday, May 8, 2014
Shelf Life Books
1302 4 St SW, Calgary, AB

beaulieu-emersonEric Schmaltz has just reviewed John Riddell’s Writing Surfaces: selected fiction of John Riddell (as edited by Lori Emerson and myself) on Lemonhound:

This necessary volume offers a comprehensive selection of Riddell’s diverse array of meta-media writing strategies. Emerson and beaulieu’s selection spans from his better-known lipogrammatic comic “Pope Leo: El Elope” (illustrated by bpNichol) that recounts the tragic murder of Pope Leo using only four letters (P, O, E, L) to the dirty, concretistic “a deux,” a work composed of typewritten text that is disrupted by smears, hand drawn lines, and inkblots. Much of the work presented here explores Riddell’s interest in the relationship between machines and language–he creatively intervenes with the functions of the typewriter, photocopier, and paper shredder, among other technologies. Riddell’s work poses a special challenge to editors because much of it is unreproducible–much of it relies on aleatoric operations and at other times precise and irreproducible gestures. Considering both editors’ outstanding backgrounds exploring radical, media-related literature, there may be no one better to trust with this work.


A 32″ x 104″ edition of My Prose of the Trans-Canada is on exhibit as part of SEE THE SOUND, a three day exhibition of visual poetry at the Verses Festival of Words, Vancouver.

What does poetry look like? Going beyond sounds in the air or words on the page, three poets and visual artists reimagine poetry in the visual realm. This four-day exhibit brings new perspectives on how letters and words combine in our perception to create a poetic impression.

prose2Works by visual artists and poets include:

Derek Beaulieu’s epic “Prose of the Trans-Canada”
Kevin McPherson’s debut of a new piece of visual poetry
Corrina Keeling’s improvised visuals created during Verses events

Astorino’s, 1739 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC

acad mcleans 2 Maclean’s 2014 Canadian Universities Guidebook selects my ENGL214 class as one of the “cool courses” happening at ACAD this year …

Terri Trembath of CBC Television Calgary visited my Alberta College of Art + Design ENGL214 class to discuss typewriters and creative writing.

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 7.40.06 PM Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 7.40.17 PMScreen shot 2014-03-17 at 7.40.54 PMScreen shot 2014-03-17 at 7.40.30 PM

2I was recently invited to participate in a photo-shoot for Calgary Arts Development’s Living a Creative Life: An Arts Development Strategy for Calgary (photograph courtesy Jason Stang)


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